The Gourmet Gift Set

Which Jewish woman worth her weight in homemade donuts and latkes can resist a new addition to her cookbook collection? And when that cookbook’s author is none other than Sarah Lasry, well-known cooking aficionado and food editor of the Binah magazine, well, you may as well throw in two of them!

That’s what our Gourmet Gift Set is about: providing those lucky enough to receive it as a Chanukah gift, with two smashing cookbooks—The Dairy Gourmet and The At Home Gourmet. Both cookbooks are easy-to-follow and breathtakingly beautiful, with a full-color photo to match each delicious recipe. And did we mention that when you buy the 2 cookbooks as a set, your savings increase dramatically, too? The first cookbook is 20% off, and the second one is 50% off!

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind sale, and buy our Gourmet Gift Set for that special someone in your life—or, better yet, buy one for her, and then sneak one for yourself, too! Your family and guests will taste one bite of your food, and thank you for doing it!

Click here to purchase online!

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