Blueprints – IN STORES NOW!

If you’re a serious reader, you know her name. Shaindy Perl—popular author/editor of bestselling books Tell the World, Loyal Soldier, My Life on Wheels, and Struggle to the Summit. Well, she’s back again, folks, and this time you’re in for a really big treat, as she prepares to release her very first novel, Blueprints!

This is one novel you just have to buy. Beautifully written, with characters so complex and so real you almost feel you know them, and an emotionally charged, mesmerizing plot—what more could you ask for in a novel? Besides that it should be free, of course.

Well, we can’t exactly do that, but what we can do for you is give you an amazing buy on this brand new book, when you get it as a gift set together with Loyal Soldier, Shaindy Perl’s award-winning biography of a Jewish soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. The two books together make a great Chanukah gift for someone who, like you, loves to read, and the “Better Together” deal, where the first book is 20% off and the second one is 50% off (yes, you read that correctly), will ensure that you don’t feel the strain on your pocketbook, either!

So off you go, fans of Shaindy Perl, and take advantage of THE sale of the season, with the Better Together Gift Set of these two fantastic books!

Click here to purchase Blueprints online!

Click here to purchase the “Better Together” Gift Set!

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