Gift Set Sale

Two is better than one—and this is especially so regarding our one-of-a-kind “Better Together” Gift Set Sale. With this special deal, you can buy a gift set comprised of 2 books, one brand new release and another, older title, from the same author, at an incredibly discounted price: the first book is 20% off the retail price, and the second one is 50% off!

Each gift set is shrink-wrapped and handsomely packaged, making it the ideal Chanukah present to give to those book-lovers in your life. Whether you choose to buy The Gourmet Gift Set (The Dairy Gourmet and The At Home Gourmet), the Junior Chaverim gift set (Junior Chaverim vol. 1 and 2), The Funny Things They Say gift set (vol. 2 and 3), author Shaindy Perl’s gift set (Blueprints and Loyal Soldier), or author Menucha Chana Levin’s gift set (The Castle Builders and The Youngest Bride)—or them all!—you’ll be delighted with your metziah: top-notch reading at top-notch discounts.


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