Jr. Chaverim vol. 2

It’s action! It’s adventure! It’s chessed at its best! It’s…Junior Chaverim Vol. 2!

When Junior Chaverim Vol. 1 was released last year, kids all over the world—especially pre-teenaged ones—immediately became hooked to the fun and spirited Junior Chaverim members in the book. Who could resist the antics and adventures of forgetful Yochanan, mechanical whiz Pinchas, and all their fellow Junior Chaverim friends, as they set out trying to do chessed with others?

The good news is that Junior Chaverim Vol. 2 has just been released. And the even better news is that it is available at a fantastic deal when you buy it as a gift set together with Vol. 1! That’s right. Our “Better Together” sale allows you to buy both of these great books, shrink-wrapped together into a handsome gift set, at an incredible discount of 20% off the first book and 50% (!) off the second! Now you can buy your kids a Chanukah present you know they will love, in an affordable way!

And…psst! A little secret… Junior Chaverim Vol. 2 contains the info about a special offer for kids to form their own Junior Chaverim clubs…and get a chance to have their story featured in the next Junior Chaverim book!

Click here to purchase Jr. Chaverim vol. 2 online.

Click here to purchase the Jr. Chaverim Better Together Set.

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