Just Released! – Onions Always Make Me Cry

Have a teenage girl at home who’s been helping out enormously with Yom Tov and is deserving of a treat? Or are you that teenager yourself? (Teens-at-heart, you can answer “yes” to that question, too!) In either case, you’ll be thrilled to hear about our latest release—a teen book titled Onions Always Make Me Cry. A compilation of some of the best stories from the popular Shoshanim magazine for teens, Onions Always Make Me Cry will provide you with hours of reading pleasure and entertainment. Whether it’s the story of Goldie, who’s always been a quiet, studious type of girl, until one day she finds herself running for the G.O. elections, or the story of Sara’le, who thought she landed the job of her dreams one summer, until reality begins showing her otherwise, you’ll relate to the characters in this book as only a teen can—and you’ll love every bit of it!

Be prepared to laugh. Be prepared to cry. In Onions Always Make Me Cry, there’s something for your every mood!

Click here to order online.

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