NOW AVAILABLE!!! New Novel – The Freedom to Be

It’s rare when a manuscript is so gut-wrenching yet simultaneously heartwarming, that it causes editors, proofreaders, and typesetters alike to cry while working on it. Rare—but it does occasionally occur, as it did with The Freedom to Be.
At nearly 700 pages long, The Freedom to Be is a whopper of a novel, but we guarantee that while reading it, you won’t ever feel the book’s true length. You will become so engrossed in it, so intertwined with the lives, thoughts, and feelings of Efraim, Shoshana, Hadassah, Duvid’l, and all the other characters, so involved in every nuance of the beautifully-written plot—that time will cease to exist for you as you read, and the pages will just slip by…
Trust me—I speak from experience, having made the (unwise) decision to read this book at night. Suffice it to say that it was a very tired me who showed up at work the next day!
But it was worth it—as you will see for yourself. The Freedom to Be is not your typical novel. It is a tear-jerker, an exhilarating pleasure for your mind, and a literary delight all at once. It takes “reading a novel” to a new level, making it into an actual experience, one that you will relish and savor for a long time afterward…
This Sukkos, treat yourself to THE novel of the season…of the year…of our times. The Freedom to Be: not your ordinary novel.

Click here to purchase online.

20 Responses to NOW AVAILABLE!!! New Novel – The Freedom to Be

  1. LuvMuff says:

    its been 3-4 weeks, im just wondering if you know when exactly it will be in stock? thanks

  2. LuvMuff says:

    Hi i want to buy this book but it isnt available anywhere [except amazon for almost £300] so if anyone can let me know where i can get a copy of this book please let me know. Thank you

  3. pesha grossman says:

    this book is awsome i wish it was still in print i know people who would like to buy it

  4. Hudi says:

    It is my new favorite book because it deals with issues that no other author ever addressed. For example, ADHD, drugs, and so much more delicate yet important subjects. It explores why people act they way they do and what goes on in the minds of teenagers who “aren’t doing the right thing.” I don’t reccomend it for anyone under 16, but if you are mature enough, it is a must read! The plot is emotional, heart-wrenching, and inspiring.

  5. Shir says:

    This book is my favorite, and anyone who knows me knows it.

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