In Stores This Week! Run After (the right) Kavod

Here’s a riddle:

What is something that the more you give of it to others, the more you get of it yourself?

Did you answer “respect”? (No? That’s okay; we know that’s what you meant to say…) Because “kavod,” honor or respect, is that incredible, intangible “something” that only increases within us when we give it to others.

If you’re big on the concept of self-esteem and showing proper respect to others; if you’re trying to instill these qualities into your children; or if you just wish you had more of these qualities yourself, you’ll love our latest offering, Run After (the right) Kavod!

Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum is a popular columnist, author, and mechanech. In Run After (the right) Kavod, he takes us on a journey into the world of kavod to demonstrate both the positive aspects and the pitfalls of this commonly misunderstood term. You’ll read about self kavod, or self-esteem, as well as kavod in marriage, kavod between parents and children, and kavod between teachers and students. Written in an engaging and often humorous style, this book is sure to become a fast favorite for both adults and teenagers.

So what are you waiting for? The sprint is starting today! Run After (the right) Kavod…and you’ll never look back…

Click here to purchase online.

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