Looking for a great Chanukah gift for that special ‘tween’ in your life? No need to look any further—we’ve got you covered!

Long-time popular author Sukey Gross has enchanted kids for years with her gifted writing. Her latest ‘tween’ series, The Adventures of the Levy Family, a historical novel series, has spellbound its readers with tales of life on the Lower East Side at the end of the nineteenth century. Herschel’s Battle completes this exciting series.

Read about Herschel’s “followers,” a group of young boys Herschel mentors, and the dangerous mess some of them find themselves in… Discover the source for Herschel’s mother’s mysterious headaches… With policemen, detectives, and a fiery explosion happening, this book is just PACKED with suspense and animation!

If you have ‘tweens’ who love reading as much as they love excitement and adventure, then Herschel’s Battle is the book you need to get them!

Click here to purchase online.

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