NEW! Mommy Tell Me More Vol. 1 & 2

If you’re a mommy, you know there’s nothing like it in the world—having your kids cuddle up with you while you look at and read books together. There’s something about the sweetness of the moment—especially if the children have just been bathed, pajama-ed, and with their hair combed—that makes you just want to freeze the scene in your memory forever…

Of course you need the right kind of books in order to make the most of this special mommy-and-me time. A book that’s too long and wordy, or one with ho-hum pictures, is just not going to cut it. Which is why Mommy, Tell Me More—books 1 and 2—have become such popular books among so many mommies and children.

Each book contains text especially geared to a specific age; Mommy, Tell Me More volume 1 is directed to really young children (ages 1-2), while Mommy, Tell Me More volume 2 is for “older” children (2 and up). Everything about the books is both mommy- and kid-friendly:  the educational text and stories, the enhanced language, the creative thinking the books engender, not to mention the stunning artwork by renowned illustrator Tirtza Peleg!

Enjoy these special moments with your children. They grow up so fast as it is! Buy yourself a copy of both Mommy, Tell Me Morebooks, and let the good times begin… 

Click here to purchase online.

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