Recent Release: Code for the Road

You’re stuck in traffic late on Friday afternoon. The minutes are ticking by, and the pressure is mounting within you… Help! What should you do?

You’ve been driving for hours down the 80, and you feel your eyelids start to droop. You need some heavy-duty caffeine, so you stop at a rest stop to buy some coffee…but there are no disposable cups there. Okaaaay, you tell yourself. Now what?

You’re driving merrily down the street, singing along to your favorite CD, when…you see them: those dreaded flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Uh-oh, you think. What did I do this time? And, even more important, what do I do now?

If you live in modern-day times and have a driver’s license, chances are that you are familiar with these types of “driving dilemmas.” And now, we are presenting you with a practical way to find solutions for all of these scenarios.

Code for the Road, by noted author Rabbi Avrohom Bookman, is a handy and helpful manual that will provide you with the knowledge and know-how of halachically correct driving practice. Small enough to fit in your glove compartment yet comprehensive enough to include a whole lot of practical information, Code for the Road is an indispensable guide when it comes to the Torah’s perspective on basic driving and parking rules, the halachosof yichud in a car, brachos, and tefillas haderech, solutions to many driving dilemmas, and much more.

So whether you’re en route on a quick drive to the grocery store, or a long road trip, be sure to pick up a copy of Code of the Road before starting out.

And have a safe trip, too! 

Click here to purchase online!

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