JUST RELEASED! – Exploring the Wild World of Animals

            Okay, folks. It’s in. THE Chanukah gift of the season—for lucky recipients of all ages—has just hit the bookstores. But this is something that is bound to fly off the shelves within minutes of being placed on them, so we advise you to pick up your copy of this book real soon, before the stores run out…

What kind of book is this? you want to know. I’ll describe it to you, but knowing your curiosity, you’ll probably want to see this item for yourself to be sure that such an awesome book really exists…so refer back to the last sentence of paragraph one!

Exploring the Wild World of Animals is a magnificent, oversized book all about animals, written from a Torah perspective. Full-color photos of each animal nearly leap out of the pages at you, as you read about the feeding habits, physical characteristics, and lifespan in the wild of 35 different members of the animal kingdom, as well as lots of other information about them. Loaded with Fast Facts, Wacky Facts, Did You Know… tidbits, and of course the popular “Animal Cracker” jokes about each animal, you’ll find this incredible book to be entertaining as much as it is informative.

This book makes a fantastic Chanukah gift for readers of all ages. Your kids will be entranced by it—and I speak from experience here, as when I brought it home, my own kids could not be pried away from it, and I almost had to bribe them to put the book away and eat their supper! But let’s not fool ourselves; adults, including you, will be just as enthralled by this book, too!

So, what are you waiting for? A virtual safari is awaiting you, whether you’re an animal lover or someone who is simply interested in reading about the nifla’os ha’Borei so readily apparent in the animal kingdom. Turn the pages of Exploring the Wild World of Animals, and let the adventure begin…

Click here to purchase online.

Click on thumbnail for a preview of the leopard.

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