New Release! Kriyah Coach – The Alef-Beis Train

I remember a stint I once did as a kriyah tutor for young children. While it’s always incredibly gratifying to teach and reinforce to kids the all-important skills of learning to read Hebrew, and I have wonderful memories of that time, one aspect of that job that stands out most in my recollections is the sheer amount of time, energy, and creativity it took to come up with yet another game or fun exercise as a means to review the skills with the kids.

Should we play Alef-Beis Hopscotch today? Maybe a Match-It nekudos game? Or Pin-the-Nekudos-on-the-Letters? (For the uninitiated, I can explain the ins and outs of these games to you another time!) Cut-and-dry drilling and flashcards just would not do the trick…

If you have a child who’s learning to read Hebrew, especially if he’s the type that needs lots of fun and stimulation (think: fire engine sirens and flashing lights; the noisier and more colorful, the better!), you probably know exactly what I mean. Many times, the best way to teach and get through to a child is by way of excitement and games.

That’s why Kriyah Coach, an interactive DVD that teaches kids how to read Hebrew in a most fun and exciting way, has been making such waves among young children and their parents.

This incredibly multi-faceted DVD offers a brilliant combination of interactive games, high-quality animation, and an actual classroom setting featuring world-renowned kriayh specialist, Rabbi Henoch Potash. Your child will join in with Rabbi Potash’s class and will be calling out the answers to the rebbi’s drill questions along with all the other students. Additionally, his speed at reading Hebrew will increase dramatically as he whizzes through the fun games brought to him by “The Alef-Beis Train” on this DVD.

Your house may be filled with squeals of delight from Nashi, Rupert the Parrot, and all the rest of Kriyah Coach’s colorful characters (don’t say we didn’t warn you!)…but you can rest assured that your child will be having loads of fun, AND will learn to read Hebrew fluently at the  same time, too.

Click here to purchase online.

See trailer below:

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