Back in print after many years! Baron Korff

I remember that book report quite clearly. I was in the sixth grade at the time, and my English teacher was extremely fond of assigning book reports, doing so on a monthly basis at least. I’ve always been a voracious reader, so reading all those books was something I could handle…but the problem was that the books had to be ones that we’d never read before. Otherwise, for all the teacher knew, we could be writing up whole book reports based on books that we’d read three years ago. (Never underestimate the memory of a child, you know!)

Back then, Jewish books weren’t coming out every few weeks. So every book report assignment found me wracking my brains, trying to find a book that I hadn’t yet read.

I think it was my father who suggested I read Baron Korff. Even back then (with all these “back then’s,” by now you probably think I’m ancient… but really, I still have some time for that, b’ezras Hashem!), it was considered a classic, and I had to track down someone who still owned a copy of it. Once I’d done that and read the book, though, I was glad I’d gone to the trouble of finding it—it was a phenomenal book.

There was nothing petty or modern-day about this book; this was the real deal—a novel with fully fashioned characters such as a guilt-ridden Russian baron, a perceptive Galician count, a wise old rabbi, and of course the main character, Abram, who began his life as an abandoned Christian baby boy…

Like I said, I loved every minute reading this book—and now you can have this same enjoyment, too! After years of being out of print, Baron Korff –with a new look due to its updated front cover—is now once again being released and put back onto the shelves of your local bookstore!

This is a classic that has never lost its charm. Read it, and you’ll agree. Whether you’ve read this book in the past and are buying it for the nostalgia it evokes within you, or for your kids to read as a kind of “ma’aseh avos siman la’banim”; or you’re young enough to have never heard of Baron Korff and are buying it simply out of curiosity (what is this book about anyway, that they were going on and on about it in that article?), this is a purchase you will not regret having made!

Click here to purchase online.

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