NEW RELEASE! Close to Home

L629For all those who view moving to a different city as “exciting” or “adventurous,” most people who have ever actually done it can assure you that, with an extra large bottle of Advil, and maybe a tranquilizer or two for the really faint of heart, you may actually emerge from the experience in one piece—but don’t push things to expect too much more than that.
The Suskin family, who have recently moved to burgeoning Lakewood, NJ from their small, out-of-town community, can tell you all about it…
Close to Home, our latest novel, is the riveting story of a family’s experience at trying to fit in and settle themselves in a society that, as much as it’s familiar to them, is also quite new and alien compared to what they’re used to. It’s a novel charged with emotion, drama, and painstaking personal growth, as each of the characters in the story attempts to find him-or herself in the midst of lots of raging inner turmoil…
If you’re looking for a great new book whose story you can relate to, whose characters are so realistic you’ll feel like you’ve met them personally; a book that will grip you; a book that you will cry over and laugh over, too—you’ll find that Close to Home fits the bill to the T!

Click here to purchase online.

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