NEW RELEASE! The Carpool Clan – Speed Bumps

C347If you’ve got a “tween-ager” in your life, by now you’ve most probably realized that tweens are their own unique breed, with their own likes, dislikes, tastes, and opinions. This can get somewhat complicated when it comes to, say, them deciding one night to stay up till midnight like a full-fledged teenager—when you happen to know that your feisty eleven-year-old, as mature as she feels she is, becomes cranky and irritable when she is without her regular night’s sleep…

Whatever the case, when it comes to books, you can be sure that tweens will most certainly turn up their noses if you offer them too juvenile a book. On the other hand, though, you don’t necessarily want your tween-aged daughter reading about all the complex issues addressed in so many of the teen and adult novels that are being put out these days.

The solution? Simple. To create novels geared especially for tweens.

Popular author M. Jakubowicz set out to do just that when she created The Carpool Clan series. In this first book, Speed Bumps, your tween will read all about a group of girls her very own age, and the rollicking story that they have to share.

Your tween will immediately become hooked to Shevy, her friends, and all of her zany ideas…and you’ll become hooked to this brand new book and series once you see how much fun your tween has reading it!

Click here to purchase online.

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