NEW RELEASE! From East to West

L627I have a couple of friends who tell me, “I’ll read any story book—but just not a novel. Why should I waste my time and emotions on a bunch of fictional characters, when I could be reading a true story, about real people, instead?”

Now, I happen to not agree with this way of thinking. I think it’s a very good and healthy thing to lose yourself, every once in a while, in a fictional world comprised of fictional people.

But be that as it may, I do hear my friends’ point about the importance of reading true stories, as opposed to only fiction. And it is for this reason that we at Israel Bookshop are committed to bringing you the best in literature of both the fiction and non-fiction types.

A phenomenal non-fiction book that has just recently hit the shelves is From East to West. This well-written, stirring book chronicles the amazing story of a Yemenite family from a hundred years ago, who traveled from Sana’a in Yemen, across deserts and seas and through other unbearable conditions, all the way to Switzerland. Their original intention was to move there temporarily, for medicinal purposes, but Hashgachah deemed otherwise, and years later, Yichye, Saada, and their daughters still find themselves living in Western Europe, far, far away from all that had ever been familiar to them, including their home, family…and little boy Yosef Chaim.

As her parents struggle to find their place as strangers in a strange land, where the customs and culture are so very different from their own, Esther, Yichye and Saada’s oldest daughter, finds herself torn between her heritage and the enticements of the modern world…

From East to West is a true, riveting story that will resonate deep within you. You will find yourselves growing attached to Yichye, Saada, Yosef Chaim, Salach, and the others, and will wait with bated breath to find out how their suspenseful tale ends…

This is a story that will linger on in your heart and mind long after you’ve turned the final page of the book.

Click here to purchase online.

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