The Unique Princess

L555If there’s one thing constant in the very unstable world in which we live, it’s the fact that we need Hakadosh Baruch Hu’s mercy at every second of our lives. What with the horrific hurricanes and terrifying news reports going on in our lives, who doesn’t feel the need to accrue extra merits? To chap arayin on another mitzvah…to overcome the yetzer hara in yet another battle…whatever it takes to tip the scales in Shamayim in our favor and have Hashem deal with us with rachmanus!

We women don’t have to look far to find an area to work on that is laden with potential zechusim. Tznius, we are told by our gedolim, is synonymous with brachos and yeshuos. The more we work to improve our tznius, the greater our Heavenly protection and reward will be.

How does a woman work on her tznius? you ask. Well, we can tell you about one beautiful way of doing so. The Unique Princess, by acclaimed educators and authors Rabbi Yirmiyohu and Tehilla Abramov (that’s right, of The Secret of Jewish Femininity fame), is a magnificent contribution to the world of tznius. This recently released book, though slim in size, is absolutely packed with inspiration, halachah, and hashkafah— all on the topic of tznius. Nothing is condescending or “lecture-ish” about this book (we’ve sat through enough long speeches on tznius ourselves to know how well that method goes over!); to the contrary, the information contained in it is uplifting, eye-opening, and change-inducing!

We invite you to come and claim the royal heritage that is rightfully yours! You are a unique princess—and now you can even have a manual explain to you what this means!

Click here to purchase online.

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