NEW RELEASE! Escape to Freedom

L632With this year’s abundance of three-day Yamim Tovim, every respectable mother knows that, in addition to cooking up mountains of food, she must also prepare mountains of activities with which to entertain her kids. But it’s not just the little ones that need to be entertained. Tweens and teens, too, can usually be found on many a day of Yom Tov wandering from room to room, opening and closing the fridge and pantries, and in general moving restlessly about, searching for something to do to keep themselves busy. (Of course, if your tween/teen happens to be a social butterfly, who is always surrounded by a group of friends, you may not be as familiar with this phenomenon, though one might be surprised to discover that a social butterfly sometimes needs to be entertained by things other than friends, too!)


One great way to fill a teen’s craving for entertainment during a long Yom Tov afternoon (or any time, for that matter) is by giving her Escape to Freedom to read. This is a book that will keep her spellbound and glued to her seat from the first page until the last.


Written by popular author Chaya Sara Ben Shachar, whose writing has been known to appeal to both children and adults, Escape to Freedom weaves the tale of Shirin Gabbay, a young teenager living with her family in Iran under the constant fear of oppression from the Muslims who rule and live in the country. When Shirin’s father is arrested, the family is thrown into chaos, and an immediate decision is made to have everyone escape from the country one by one. The plan is for Shirin to be smuggled out of Iran and into America, where the rest of her family hopes to eventually join her, but not everything goes exactly according to the plan…


In this thrilling, fast-paced novel, teens of all ages—and adult readers, too—will find themselves holding their breath, with their hearts in their mouths, waiting to see if Shirin will be successful in her escape to freedom…or not.


Click here to purchase online.

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