L633If you’re looking for a hefty, juicy novel to give you lots of oneg Yom Tov this Sukkos—your search (pun intended!) is now over. Popular author Rachel Schorr is known for her captivating and well-written novels, and The Search, her latest masterpiece, is sure to exceed all the expectations you may have had for this terrific book.

In this riveting and suspenseful page-turner, you will meet a woman with a past she can’t forget; a man with a secret, sinister identity; and a young girl bearing the weight of loneliness, abandonment, and betrayal. You will read about a kallah who is forced to choose between sides, and loving grandparents who will stop at nothing to reclaim their long-lost grandchild…


Sounds enticing? You bet it is! So be sure to pick up this superb novel for yourself this Yom Tov, as well as some munchies to go along with it… Go ahead—you deserve some pampering, too, you know!


Happy reading, and a good Yom Tov to all!


Click here to purchase online.


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