NEW RELEASE! Exploring the Wet and Wild Underwater World

L635You’re in a pickle.

Last Chanukah, you gave a copy of Exploring the Wild World of Animals to everyone on your gift list, and you were immediately crowned “Best Parent/Grandparent/Uncle/Aunt/Friend” of the season. Wonderful—it felt good. But now, with Chanukah just around the corner again, you’re unsure about how to keep up your reputation. A book as amazing as that is not a common phenomenon, which leaves you wondering what you can give as gifts for this Chanukah.

Well, we have the answer to that! Announcing…(drum roll, please…): The Jewish World of Wonders’ second book, Exploring the Wet & Wild Underwater World—a stunning, large-sized, full-color book exploring the beautiful and mysterious world of fish and other aquatic creatures!

In this fascinating and gorgeous book, readers are taken on a spectacular journey through the oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes of the world, to learn the wonders and design of thirty-five beautiful and unique marine animals. You’ll discover these aquatic creatures’ predators and prey; how each one survives in its habitat; and loads of other fascinating “Fast Facts,” “Wacky Facts,” “Did You Know?” tidbits, and of course the popular “Animal Quacker” jokes about each animal. As in Exploring the Wild World of Animals, there is also a “Torah Talk” section for each sea creature, where Torah values and lessons can be gleaned from the creature by way of a mashal.

So go ahead; make someone’s day—or your own!—with this incredible book. Turn the pages, and you’ll soon find yourself playing with a colony of porpoising penguins, swimming with a pod of “smiling” dolphins, meeting some graceful manta rays, and discovering many of the other amazing aquatic creatures that fill the underwater world that Hashem created!

Click here to purchase online.

Click here to preview a chapter.

coral reef

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