NEW RELEASE! Let’s Use Them Right

C350You’re visiting a friend and her family along with your child. Just as you and your friend have sunk into a delicious conversation over mugs of hot coffee and chocolate-chip cookies, the unmistakable sounds of children fighting fill the air. You watch in horror and mortification as your child lifts his hand to hit your friend’s child; or delivers a sharp kick to the other kid; or begins spitting at him.

As you stand there, begging Hashem to please let the ground open up and swallow you right then and there, your child turns to you and nonchalantly says, “Hey, Ma, can I have a chocolate-chip cookie, too?”

For many children, the knowledge of the right and wrong ways in which to use their hands, feet, and mouth—which to us would seem instinctive—does not come naturally. Such children need to actually be taught these important social skills.

In her capacity as an O.T., Sara Leah Schwartz sees children misusing their hands, feet, and mouth all the time, often because they need stimulation for these body parts and simply haven’t been taught the correct—and incorrect—ways to exercise them. She approached us with the idea of creating a book that would teach children, in rhyme and with illustrations, what they should and should not do with their hands, feet, and mouth. Additionally, she planned to include tips and advice for parents on how to provide proper stimulation for their children’s developing (and thus often restless) limbs.

We at Israel Bookshop Publications were thrilled with the idea and jumped right into the project, which led to the production of Let’s Use Them Right.

In this adorable, rhyming book, your child will learn the appropriate ways in which to use their hands, feet, and mouth, as well as what they should not do with them, in a most enjoyable way. It’s not preachy at all, but it does do a great job at showing children that, for example, there is a time when it’s appropriate and correct to spit (i.e., when they are brushing their teeth) and times when it’s not proper to do so (i.e., all other times).

For all children needing reminders about the proper way to use their hands, feet, and mouth—Let’s Use Them Right is the book of choice!

Click here to purchase online.

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