NEW RELEASE! In the Parshah

L637Twenty-six years old and still single, Miriam was a jaded dater. She felt like she’d met all the shadchanim who existed, read all the shidduchim books possible, met all the frum boys who were even remotely compatible to her—and still, nothing. She was burnt out and frustrated, and felt like no one could understand her. Worst of all, she felt like she was at an all-time spiritual low. 

Then she began reading Rabbi Yoni Posnick’s articles in the Yated. What at first was simply “interesting reading material” to her soon grew to become “really good stuff” and then even “excellent articles”! There was no question about it: Miriam was hooked on Rabbi Posnick’s writings.

What makes Rabbi Posnick’s articles so refreshing, especially to singles, is the way he takes all of his shidduchim advice from the Chumash itself. In this way, readers feel like they are getting a spiritual boost and learning about the parshah—which they really are—while gaining invaluable insights and advice from a veteran shadchan at the same time.

And Rabbi Posnick is not your typical shadchan. He is known for his warmth and sensitivity in the way he deals with singles, making them feel validated and understood. This warmth threads its way throughout all of Rabbi Posnick’s writings, which is why so many singles, as well as their parents and those who deal with their shidduchim, enjoy the articles so much.

In the Parshah is a compilation of Rabbi Posnick’s on-the-mark articles on shidduchim and shalom bayis. In these pages, you will discover a plethora of Torah-based advice on these all-important topics. You’ll enjoy reading what Rabbi Posnick has to say, as well as how he says it…and who knows? The guidance he provides may be the very thing you need in order to discover your own zivug…

Besuros tovos by all!

Click here to purchase online.

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