RECENT RELEASE MiddosMan: Learning to Share

C349Question: What could be better than teaching your kids good middos by way of an adorable, beautifully illustrated children’s book?

Answer: When that children’s book comes along with its own Read-Along/Sing-Along CD!

Yup, that’s exactly what you’re getting when you purchase MiddosMan: Learning to Share, the first book in the exciting MiddosMan series for kids.

In this book, your kids will meet MiddosMan, who drives his very own MiddosMobile, wears a special MiddosMan outfit, and has a Mr.-Yetzer-Horah-detector machine that beeps loudly when Mr. Yetzer Horah is around. MiddosMan’s mission is to teach people how to have good middos, and in so doing, fight Mr. Yetzer Horah and his bad ideas.

As he works to accomplish his goals, MiddosMan sings his catchy little songs—which your children will be singing, too, as they listen to the CD that comes along with the book.

For those of you looking to delight your little ones with something special, MiddosMan: Learning to Share book-and-CD-set is the perfect gift idea!

Click here to purchase online.

For a preview of the read-along CD click here.

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