NEW RELEASE! Goodbye, Pacifier!

C355Is your little one not so little anymore and still refusing to let go of his or her pacifier? Have you tried nearly every method possible to get your child to give it up? Do you feel yourself saying, “Take that pacifier out of your mouth!” numerous times each day?

If so, your child may be the perfect candidate for our newest book by S. Licht, creator of the Super Social Skills series, called Goodbye, Pacifier! In this book, we meet Shauli, who’s becoming bigger each day but who still has a very hard time being without his trusty pacifier. We follow Shauli and his mother as she begins the process with him that gradually leads to…Shauli throwing out his pacifier. For good.

As would be expected, it’s not an easy process for Shauli. His pacifier has been his comfort for so long—how can he fall asleep without it? How can he walk around and play without it in his mouth? But with lots of praise and encouragement from his family, Shauli rises to the occasion and ultimately learns that the very best feeling of all, even better than the comfort of having a pacifier in his mouth, is the feeling of being a big boy!

Click here to purchase online.

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