NEW RELEASE! Chanie Goes to the Dentist

C356With my family’s bad dental history, I know I shouldn’t have been surprised. Still, when the dentist informed me that my four-year-old had seven cavities in her mouth, I kind of smiled, swallowed hard, and sweetly asked him, “Can you run that by me again, please?”

But my ears had heard right. And as my brain processed that information, I felt the horror rise up within me, faster than the bubbling water in the fountain outside in the medical building’s lobby.

Seven cavities! Seven cavities!

How, pray tell, was my daughter going to get through this? For that matter, how was I, her mother, going to get through this?

I wish I’d had the book Chani Goes to the Dentist, to help prepare my daughter for what was to come. But alas, this was last year, and the book hadn’t yet made its debut. And so all I had in my arsenal of tools with which to calm my little girl were my tefillos, of course; my hand (which she wouldn’t let go of the entire time she sat in the dentist’s chair); and some little trinket as a prize for when she was all done (you didn’t actually think the prize would be a lollipop, did you?).

But all of you parents who are presently dealing with your kids’ upcoming dentist appointments looming over your heads, especially if there will be cavity fillings done then—take heart! Here is a book that will really help prepare your child for all that will happen at the dentist, in a calm, reassuring, and even fun way!

In Chani Goes to the Dentist, written by the same author as the popular Moshe Goes to Yeshiva, kids discover exactly what happens when a cavity is filled, and how it’s not such a scary procedure after all. At the end of the book, Chani, who had a cavity filled, walks out of the dentist’s office with a big smile on her face—and your child can, too! All it takes is some gentle preparation beforehand, which is exactly what this book provides, and lots of Heavenly assistance from Above.

Oh, and a little trinket as a prize, too.

Click here to purchase online.

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