NEW RELEASE! The Invisibles Vol. 1: Secret of the Purple Bottle

C360Anytime my wallet is running short of cash, I send someone to check the mailbox. ‘What’s the connection?’ you ask. (You mean it’s not obvious?) There might be a million dollar check in there.

‘But Ma, is anyone supposed to be sending you a million dollar check?’ My son has often asked me. After all, most of the time he goes, he only returns with junk mail and bills. “No,” I am forced to admit, “but if we don’t go look, we’ll never know.”

Optimistically hoping for a magical solution to our challenges is definitely common. Getting that magical solution is not. Enter Rafi, a boy who receives a supernatural solution.

After his father is niftar, Rafi struggles to get through the day, yet yearns to be treated as the outgoing, happy boy he once was. Hoping to give him a chance to breathe and regroup, Rafi’s mother sends him to his grandparents’ home on a moshav. Far from finding tranquility there, Rafi is soon accused of stealing test papers from his new cheder! Have things gone from bad to worse? No way! Not when he has two new best friends to stick up for him, plus a purple bottle filled with amazing goop that turns him invisible.

Join Rafi and his friends, as they unravel the suspenseful mystery of the test thefts. Watch as he steps out of the role of sad, innocent victim and into the role of contented and powerful forgiver. Secret of the Purple Bottle is the first in The Invisibles series; an action-packed mystery fantasy with subtle, highly palatable life lessons that linger long after the back cover has swung shut.

Guest Blogger: Sara Miriam Gross

Click here to purchase online.

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