NEW RELEASE! Escape from Egypt

C365The interesting thing about Pesach is that no two families have the same minhagim. Take the Afikoman, for example. (Not the piece of matzah—that you’ll leave for your kids to take, or the leader of your Seder, or whoever has been self-appointed as the Afikoman Pickpocket of the Evening [read on]; I’m referring to the concept of it.) In some families, it’s the kids who take it, and then demand a ransom for its return. In other families, it’s the father or head of the Seder who hides it, and the kids have to find it. When they do, the father presents them with a prize. Does the father set the price for the prize, or do the kids? That depends on your minhag, too! And in still other families, the father/kids do the hiding/seeking—but there is no prize offered at all; the fun is simply “lishmah.

Whatever your particular family minhag is, the concept of an Afikoman present is familiar to all. And if you’re the one doing the Afikoman-present distributing to your kids (and even if your family doesn’t “do” the Afikoman-present-distributing thing, there’s nothing wrong with indulging your kids once in a while, anyway…)—you’ll want to read on. Here is a book that will definitely pique your—and your kids’—interest!

All kids love comics. And when an entire book is a comics story—and a great story, at that!—well, what could be better reading material for a child than that? Escape from Egypt is the suspenseful and dramatic story of Avi Friedman, a regular, modern-day boy, who journeys back in time to Mitzrayim, to a world ruled by merciless Egyptian taskmasters…

In this book, readers will follow Avi’s adventures, as he becomes a worker in Pharaoh’s palace…and then witnesses the ten Makkos…and experiences the splitting of the Yam Suf… If you’re looking for a way to really make your child “see himself as if he went out of Mitzrayim,” this book will certainly do the trick! (It will do the same for you, too, by the way!)

For the Afikoman present, or the no-reason-at-all present, of the season for your kids—Escape from Egypt is the book to buy. Turn a few pages of it yourself, and you’ll see what we mean!

Click here to purchase online.

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