NEW RELEASE! My First Haggadah

C364Although every Yom Tov has its own unique characteristics, differentiating it from any other Jewish holiday, when it comes to Pesach…well, Pesach is in a class of its own. For which other Yom Tov do we turn our homes upside-down in the hunt for some wayward crumbs of chametz—and then turn everything right-side-up again in order to begin cooking up a storm and churning out one gourmet meal after another (all gebrochts-free and ingredient-free, of course!)?

There’s an apron I’ve seen that has a very succinct message emblazoned across it. When worn by an exhausted, overworked housewife during the Pesach season, it really says it all: Why is this night different than all the other nights? DON’T ASK!

But be this as it may, one of the most obvious unique points about Pesach is its definite focus on the children—including the very young ones. This is the Yom Tov where our little ones are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the goings-on around them. And with My First Haggadah, by acclaimed illustrator Ruth Beifus, you can be sure that your kids will be participating at the Seder with wide-eyed interest and excitement!

What makes this haggadah so kid-friendly is the fact that there is very little text—just a few necessary, explanatory lines—but many adorable and captivating pictures that really bring the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim alive for children.

Want to light up your little one’s Pesach Seder experience this year? Buy this haggadah for him/her, and watch the pleasure set in…

Click here to purchase online.

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