NEW RELEASE! Behind the Scenes

L666You know the talented, popular girl in your class who was friends with everyone, was involved in every high school activity, and was beloved by the school staff, to boot? Not the kind of person who leaves an easy act for anyone to follow.

Well, what happens when Miss Popular has an older brother she’s close to, who’s a catch of a boy, and who just happens to be in shidduchim? It would follow naturally for her to try and seek out for him a girl just like herself, right? A girl she can be friends with, a girl she can be proud to call her sister-in-law.

But that’s not exactly what happens In Behind the Scenes. Simi Ostfeld is outgoing and popular, a real social butterfly; the girl her brother marries is the exact opposite. And while Simi wants to see the good in her new sister-in-law, and even tries to do so, when someone’s personality clashes so strongly with your own, finding the positive attributes in the other person can truly be an arduous task…

But let’s not forget that most streets go two ways. For all the great things Simi has going for her, her family has a background, too—quite an eventful one, at that—and Menuchi, her sister-in-law, has to come to terms with that as well…

There’s lots of heated emotion and tough family dynamics roiling in this new novel. Come and take a peek into the lives of some fascinating characters and their equally intriguing lives…

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