NEW RELEASE! The Carpool Clan #2 – Crossroads

C366When Speed Bumps, the first book in the Carpool Clan series, made its debut less than a year ago, “tween”-aged girls snatched it up—and then clamored for more—so fast, that we had no choice but to bend to the pressure and produce a second book right away!

So here it is, girls! Crossroads, a book that spotlights Tehilla—though of course you’ll meet Shevy and the rest of the crew again in this book, too!

There’s lots going on in Tehilla Markson’s house. First her parents took a girl into their home for a while—a girl Tehilla isn’t sure she likes. Then her family is thrown into shock when a horrible medical emergency arises…

Tehilla finds herself at a crossroads. She knows what she can do to help things out; she knows what she should do—but…how could she give up such a tremendous thing?

As any “tween”-ager knows, life is about making choices and decision—not all of which are easy. Tweens will identify with Tehilla in this book, as they find themselves enjoying the superb story!

Click here to purchase online.

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