L697There’s something about Meir Uri Gottesman’s books that sets them apart from all others. Is it the imaginative thread that runs through them—the element of fantasy (oftentimes historical fantasy) that so thrills readers? Is it the heart—the neshamah—that lies at the core of each of Gottesman’s books? Perhaps it’s the author himself—a distinguished rav in his own right, who so skillfully is able to weave truth and fiction together in a story so gripping and so spellbinding that it touches you in the deepest parts of your neshamah, leaving you forever a changed person afterward.

Whatever it is, all will agree that each Gottesman book is a masterpiece. And now, as a special Yom Tov treat, we offer you a brand new masterpiece, Gottesman’s newest full-length novel: The Shul Boy. In this book, you’ll meet Lipa Wallerstein, whose greatest ambition is to learn from his grandfather’s set of Mishnayos—and understand what he’s learning. It isn’t long before a whole new world opens up for Lipa…in Yerushalayim, where a hunger rages….in Vienna, where an awful calamity takes place…on the shores of the Mediterranean—wait! We won’t ruin this story for you!

Find out where Lipa’s journeys take him, and the tremendous ramifications of them all, in this exquisite, “genuinely Gottesman” book!

Click here to purchase online.

One Response to NEW RELEASE! The Shul Boy

  1. Shulamith Laufer says:

    An incredible journey. What a pointedly beautiful review of a gripping story. How does Gottesman know so much? I suppose since his other profession is studying Torah day and night! So so inspiring…so refreshing

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