NEW RELEASE! Halfway? No Way!

C379When I was growing up, one of my mother’s most oft-quoted sayings was: “When you start a job, finish it.” Maybe that was due to too many half-set tables; baking projects that yielded delicious cakes and cookies…but a messy kitchen, too, which none of the eager bakers wanted to clean; and laundry that was folded but not put away, so that the baby felt free to do as he saw fit with the neat piles left out in the open.

But it seems my siblings and I weren’t the only members of the I-Have-No-Patience-To-Finish-This-Job Club. Listen in on many a frustrated mom’s gripes, and you’ll hear the same complaint from them all: Why can’t my child do a complete job, from start to finish? Why can’t he/she see the project through until the end?

In Halfway? No Way! Mrs. Abigail Rozen, long-time writer and veteran in the field of chinuch, tackles this very issue, in a most clever and appealing way. Her portrayal of Yosef as a sweet and helpful boy, who just happens to be lacking the quality of stick-to-itiveness, will resonate well with children. As readers follow the story and see the results of Yo’s half-baked actions and accomplishments, they are taught a very clear lesson on the importance of following through with whatever you take on to do…

Charmingly written, with humor laced throughout the story, this is a book your kids will clamor to hear or to read again and again. (And here’s to hoping that, after hearing the book so many times, the kids will actually go finish off those chores they started on…!)

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One Response to NEW RELEASE! Halfway? No Way!

  1. IrishReader says:

    What a great book! Teaching life lessons in a fun way :-)

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