NEW RELEASE! Never Too Late

L693When you’re on a bus in Yerushalayim and you hear someone speaking on her cell phone and saying what an amaaazing chavayah (experience) she just had on a tiyul, or how incredible the speaker was at the yom iyun, or the awesome atmosphere she felt while strolling down the streets of Me’ah She’arim…well, chances are that you’ve met up with a seminary girl.

I have nothing against seminary girls, of course. Once upon a time, I, too, was a seminary girl, living and breathing my Sefer Yirmiyahu notes, waxing poetic about a guest speaker’s inspirational speech, and staying up till the wee hours of the night with friends, discussing how we could make the world a better place and other such topics. 

Some seminary girls, though, have other worries on their minds—concerns that have nothing to do with the model lesson they’re due to give or where they could find a place to go to for Shabbos and which friends will go with them there.

Take Gitty Neiman, for example, the main character in Never Too Late. Popular and smart, Gitty seems to have it all—especially in her roommate Penina’s eyes—yet with the burden Gitty carries, that can’t be further from the truth. Her past is shrouded in mystery, and it’s only now, in her seminary year, that the curtain drawn on it slowly begins to lift, revealing secrets almost too painful to bear…

But there are bright spots in Gitty’s life, too. Like Tami, the Belgian girl she becomes close to, and like Miriam, the woman she helps out, who becomes an invaluable source of support for Gitty. Together, the three try to make sense out of Gitty’s broken home and mysterious past—but little does anyone realize what the cost of this will be…

For readers both in seminary and beyond, here is a book that will tug at your heartstrings in a way few books can.

Click here to purchase online.

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