L698Class trips as a high school girl were always loads of fun. There was the time we went to an amusement park somewhere in Pennsylvania for Lag B’Omer…there was the Rosh Chodesh Iyar outing we took in a stunning park (to get some fresh “air”—Iyar—get it?)…and of course our twelfth grade graduation trip to Niagara Falls… But the funny thing is, as great a time as my friends and I had on those trips, flying down the loops of roller coasters, soaking ourselves to the skin at Cave of the Winds in those oversized yellow raincoats they give you (which don’t do much in the face of Niagara’s powerful spray, but which do make for some pretty hysterical pictures), and spending ridiculous amounts of money on equally ridiculous items in souvenir gift shops, those weren’t usually the best parts. The highlight of each trip was usually…the bus ride.

There’s nothing like a nice, long bus ride, especially in the dark, when you’re on your way home from a full-day trip, to get teens talking and sharing and bonding with each other in a way that just can’t happen in a noisy and hopping locale, fun as it may be. Those coach buses, with their scratchy seats and musty air, were privy to many a DMC that my friends and I had back then, schmoozes that comprise some of my best memories from high school.

Teens and DMCs…they kind of go hand-in-hand. If you know a teen (or you are a teen) who loves a good DMC, here’s a book you’ve got to go out and buy.

Teens Talk is the private-journal-like book of twenty-two teens and their true accounts. There are lots of novels and fiction books out there in the world of Jewish literature—but this book is different. Teens Talk is all about real teens telling their very real stories.

You’ll read about Malka, who moves away from her hometown and all that’s familiar and secure, to a brand new country which she fears she’ll never acclimate to; and Aviva, who suspects that she has a dreaded disease; and lots of other teens, each of whom has her own set of unique circumstances and challenges.

These stories are full of depth, frankness, and wit. They are about teens just like you…and indeed, don’t be surprised to find yourself among these teens, as well…

Click here to purchase online.

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