NEW RELEASE! Culture Shock

L700When the song “Sfashkenaz,” produced by Abie Rotenberg on Journeys Volume 4, burst onto the scene of Jewish music back in 2003, it became an instant hit. Was it the adorable lyrics that hold such an important message within them? Was it simply because it’s such a catchy song?
Perhaps it’s both, but I’d venture to say that people are intrigued by the idea of the Sephardic and Askenazic worlds embracing and becoming enmeshed in each other. There’s something so…satisfying, even heartwarming, about Rachamim speaking Yiddish and Kalman enjoying a big bowl of couscous every day…know what I mean?

Well, Culture Shock, by popular writer C. Rosenberg, incorporates a twist of this very idea into its captivating plot. When Yemenite Yemima meets up with Yerushalmi Gittel, after fleeing her pogrom-ridden country and arriving on the shores of Eretz Yisrael, neither girl dreams of the deep friendship that will spring up between the two. But life in the Holy Land in the mid 1900s is anything but easy for any of its residents, and with the burden each girl carries on her shoulders, it is little wonder that Gittel and Yemima find so much in common—despite their differences in dress, appearance, language, and customs…

Culture Shock will introduce you to the very real challenges experienced by the residents of Eretz Yisrael during a most turbulent era in recent history. If you’re looking for a beautifully-written historical novel that will both entertain and enlighten you—and yes, provide you with lots of heartwarming satisfaction, too!—this is the book you need to read!

Click here to purchase online.

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