NEW RELEASE! Who Is the Real Weatherman?

C382I remember the first snowstorm of my married life. There I was, watching from my living room window as the snow fell from the sky by the shovelful, my heart sinking to somewhere near my ankles. To me, snow means treacherous road conditions…hours spent cleaning off your car and walkway…coming late to work…dealing with the mess of melted snow in the front hallway of the house… Yeah, you could call me a summer gal. Winter and snow—they just aren’t my thing.

You can understand my confusion, then, when my husband came home later that day with an exuberant grin on his face. What was he so excited about, with such lousy weather outdoors? I wondered.

“Snow!” he fairly shouted. “Look how much snow there is! I’m going back outside to clean off the car, ‘kay?” And so saying, he bounded out of the house in his winter gear, all ready to tackle the fun and exciting task of…shoveling out the car?

It took a few minutes until comprehension set in. Snow. Oh, of course! To him, snow was a big deal. Growing up in Australia, my husband hadn’t seen much snow in his childhood. Even after years spent in American yeshivos, it seemed he still hadn’t lost that childlike enthusiasm for the wet stuff blanketing the ground.

Hmm. To each his own, I guess. (At least I got a shoveled-out car off the deal!)

But aside from those who, like my husband, did not grow up with snow, I think it’s quite safe to say that most adults do not find snow days to be fun. Exhausting, yes; nerve-wracking, yes—but not fun. Kids, on the other hand…

Peek in on any household with children over the age of three, on a morning when the kids have just been woken up with the magical words, “It’s snowing outside!” and watch those kids fly to the window to watch the wonder unfold before their eyes. And if the magical words the parents uttered happened to have been, “No school today—it’s a snow day!”—well, you may need earplugs to protect your ears from those joyful shouts of glee!

But what happens when, no matter what the weatherman predicts, the snow does not come?

In Who Is the Real Weatherman?  young readers are introduced to Chesky, who loves the snow and can’t wait to do all his snow-related activities…if only the snow will begin to fall! As time marches on and winter slowly fades into spring, Chesky learns some important lessons on Who is the only One Who controls the weather.

And then he gets the biggest shock of the season…

If you’ve got kids pining for the real winter weather to begin, this is a book you’ll want to read to them. It’s got fun and excitement on every page, plus lots of important lessons for children to absorb.

And—who knows—it may even stir up some excitement in you for the snowy weather!

Happy shoveling! :)

Click here to purchase online.

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