NEW RELEASE! Middos Man Volume II – Being a Nice Friend

C384I know mothers are supposed to be the paradigm of patience for their children—you know, role modeling and all that—but I shamefully confess to have been very impatient these past few weeks. Yes, I have been guilty of muttering, “What’s taking so long?!” under my breath a number of times, and I’ve been the one nudging others to find out if there’s anything that could be done to speed up a certain process.

Wait—don’t “t-t-t” me like that! My impatience was for very good reason. You see, what I’ve been so impatiently awaiting these past few weeks was the release of the second volume of MiddosMan, and after I explain to you the wonders of this children’s book, you’ll understand exactly why I was so anxious for it to come out already. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you start tapping your feet impatiently, too, waiting to run out and buy your own copy of the book!

The MiddosMan series has all the maalos a parent could ever wish for in a children’s book. These books are adorable, with rich and vivid illustrations (laminated pages, too!); easy-to-understand stories featuring a cast of warm and relatable characters that will instantly capture your child’s interest; and an accompanying read-along/sing-along musical CD. Through all this, the series teaches real-life, practical middos lessons to young children—and, as our experience has shown, kids just love it!

We’ve been told by parents that the book and CD keep their kids glued to the couch for hours, as they carefully follow along with the story by themselves. The funny voices and catchy songs on the CD enhance the entertainment, and there’s nothing like that “brrring” sound that indicates it’s time to turn the page.

The first MiddosMan book, Learning to Share, was so popular among kids, the book was almost completely sold out within a very short time. Now the second book, Being a Nice Friend, has just made its debut—and I’m running to pick one up for my kids before it sells out, too! So come join me—you can always read more of my blogging later! But the enjoyment this book guarantees to provide is one thing you don’t want your kids to be left out of.

Click here to purchase online.


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