C383Looking for a great gift for that action-loving tween of yours? Look no further than our newest tween book: Not For Sale.

On Chanukah we celebrate the victory of good over evil, of the pintele Yid triumphing over the darkness of wicked people who surround it… These are messages all parents want their children to absorb. Not For Sale, by popular author Bracha Rosman, is a thriller for tweens that emphasizes these very messages.

In this exciting book, readers will meet the Rosens, a warm and close-knit family whose move to town is apparently making someone very displeased. But who is that someone? And why would anyone be opposed to Rabbi Rosen’s plan for creating a community center to be used by all the Jewish people in the city?

Questions and suspicions swirl around, as danger abounds at every twist and turn of this story… There are break-ins and broken dreams…a suspicious utility worker and a dedicated detective hoping to crack the case… And throughout it all, the Rosens sticks together, determined to overcome all obstacles placed in their path and to triumph over their unknown perpetrators, who are only too eager to see them fail…

Sounds like a goose-bump-raising roller coaster of a book, doesn’t it? Well, we told you it was for that action-loving kid of yours, didn’t we? :)

Click here to purchase online.

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