NEW RELEASE! A Lighter Burden

L702Ever since the Garden of Eden, women and food have had a complicated and frequently dysfunctional relationship.  We all know that we eat in order to live, but it is all too easy to slip into a warped existence where we are living to eat, or on the other end of the spectrum – living in order to exert control over our eating by starving ourselves. Somewhere in between is the ideal middle ground – a place where the role food plays in our lives is healthy – we don’t exaggerate its importance and we don’t downplay it. We eat normally, reach a reasonable weight for our frame and are at peace with the numbers on the scale. For many of us, however, that highly-desired middle ground continues to elude us…

Freidy Dvir is the pen name of a young woman who has been through too much in her life.  Although she began as everyone’s darling little girl with adorably chubby cheeks, by the time she was a 220 pound teenager, everyone was giving her unsolicited advice and uncomfortable looks.

How long can a girl daven for a thyroid disorder or a food allergy to explain away her ballooning weight?

How many weight loss programs and diets can a teenager flunk out of and still feel good about herself as a person?

Is it even possible for a young woman to achieve personal and professional goals when life is one continuous food fight?

Freidy is a remarkable woman – with enough spunk to battle on despite the continual pain, criticism and public embarrassment. This is her journal. Join her as she bares her heart, her obsession with all things edible, and ultimately, her journey to a normal weight and peace of mind. Although she undergoes bariatric surgery in the end, the biggest and bravest changes occur within  her own mind.

A Lighter Burden is not only a book about weight loss – it’s a guiding light for anyone who is struggling to achieve balance in their life.

Guest Blogger: Sara Miriam Gross

Click here to purchase online.

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