L704Shlomo grew up frum in a nice frum family. He loved his parents and they loved him. In fact, they loved him so much they didn’t want to hurt him, ever. So, no one ever told him he was adopted from a non-Jewish family. He only found out after he was married! That sent him into a tailspin of shailos and internal confusion, as he attempted to clarify exactly who he was—and wasn’t.

Imagine if everything you knew about yourself wasn’t true. That’s the unenviable position that Mendy Brand finds himself in. For nearly 20 years he lived the life of a top-notch yeshivah bochur with a sterling reputation. Then a shady fellow posing as a newly-arrived chavrusah, lures him into the terrorist underworld of Hamas. Soon Hamas sends him to be a double agent at Israel’s Secret Service Department, but who is really using who?

Is he Mendy or Gil or Jamil?

Who are his real parents?

Above all, whose mission will he ultimately fulfill, and at what price?

 WARNING: This is Rachel Schorr at her best. Do not read before bedtime!

Guest Blogger: Sara Miriam Gross

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5 Responses to NEW RELEASE! Zero Hour

  1. chana says:

    thanks part 1 was a great book

  2. chana says:

    I would like to know when part 2 of zero hour will become available

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