NEW RELEASE! Halachically Speaking Volume 3

L701There she was, alone at her desk with a package of Melba Toast. And she was hungry. Very hungry. And craving Melba Toast, too.

But she had absolutely no idea which brachah to make on Melba Toast! Were the crackers Hamotzi, and she should wash on them? Or were they Mezonos?

And so she wrestled with the question, her stomach grumbling, until she sighed, gave up, and took out an apple instead…

With the recent release of Halachically Speaking Volume 3, the poor, hungry lady in the above scenario would have very nicely been able to eat her Melba Toast crackers, as she would have quickly found the answer to her brachos question in Chapter 10 of this book. Plus she would find the answers to a host of other interesting halachah questions there, as well.

Halachically Speaking Volume 3 follows on the heels of Halachically Speaking Volumes 1 and 2, both of which became instant hits among frum readers, selling out within a very short time. What makes these books unique, in addition to the easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format, is the fact that these halachah books focus on halachos that are little-known or generally misunderstood. Readers will find in Halachically Speaking Volume 3 the halachos regarding wearing a yarmulke, the do’s and don’ts of tevilas keilim, the issues regarding showering on Yom Tov, playing games on Shabbos, and many, many other halachos.

This book is a real must for every Torah-observant household! (And by the way, according to the halachah brought down in this book, the correct brachah to make on Melba Toast is actually Hamotzi!)

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One Response to NEW RELEASE! Halachically Speaking Volume 3

  1. Pinchos says:

    under what circumstance can a roll be mezonos?.
    in a place like New York 2014, is there any heter to consume Cholov hacompanies i.e. kraft cheese OUD

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