NEW RELEASE! I Can’t Fall Asleep!

C391It was one of those nights when, no matter what I did or said, the kids kept coming out of their beds.

“Just one more drink, Mommy! Really, it’s the last one!” (When have I heard that line before?)

“I need to go to the bathroom! Sooo badly!” (Please, go!)

“There’s a bug in my room. I’m too scared to stay in my bed.” (Note to reader: any piece of lint or thread on the wall or carpet can take on the dimensions of a bug when necessary.)

And my favorite: “It’s so boring in my bed! I have nothing to do there!” (Why, what would you like to do in your bed, darling? Would you like to make an arts ‘n crafts project there, maybe? Or perhaps dance the hora?)

Suffice it to say, Mommy was not in her most patient and loving mood. That’s when inspiration struck.

“Kids,” said I, “I want you all to try very hard NOT to fall asleep until Totty comes home! You hear me? Lie in bed, but keep your eyes wide open and whatever you do, DO NOT fall asleep! Let’s see if you can stay up until then!”

Less than ten minutes later, the house was quiet.

Nothing like a bit of reverse psychology sometimes…

Of course I knew this trick could only be used once–or maybe twice, depending on each child’s memory. But what can a mother do with children who refuse to fall asleep at night?

For starters, they may want to buy the book I Can’t Fall Asleep! and read it to their kids.

I Can’t Fall Asleep! was written by popular children and teen’s author M. Jakubowicz, in an adorable and original  limerick style. The book tells the story of Moish, a very familiar-sounding child who just can’t seem to stay in his bed long enough to fall asleep at night. Of course, the next morning he can’t wake up on time, and he suffers the consequences of his too-late bedtime…

Through the course of this book, Moish learns how important it is to go to bed–and stay there!–on time each night, and he teaches himself some tips and techniques so that he can fall asleep.

This book promises to be a great boon to all parents struggling with The Great Bedtime Issue. Who knows? Perhaps Moish will influence your child to go to sleep on time, too, and all that’ll be left for you to do will be to simply smile sweetly and say, “Good night, darling…”

Click here to purchase online.

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