NEW RELEASE! Hashem’s Candy Store

C392“Mommy, could you buy grapes for Shabbos?” my daughter asked me one Thursday, as I left the house to do some Shabbos shopping.

“Sure,” I said, pleased that she was asking me to buy that and not some kind of junk food.

As I began filling a bag with grapes at the store, the thought occurred to me that grapes kind of look like sucking candies…you know, they’re round and brightly colored, plus they’re honey-sweet… And then I had a brilliant idea: What if I used these grapes in place of candy for my kids’ Shabbos treat?

It was a wild idea, especially considering the fact that, when it comes to the various types of nosh out there on the market, my children are quite savvy and picky. No doubt, they’ve picked up this quality from their mother, who’s known to have quite the sweet tooth herself… But lately I’d been trying to encourage healthful eating in the family, and so I decided to give my experiment a shot.

To my utter surprise…it actually worked! My kids were hooked on those delicious red grapes and clamored for more, as if it was the most exotic nosh around! And my daughter who’d asked me to buy the grapes was proud as a peacock that her siblings were enjoying the fruits (pun intended!) of her labor. After all, let’s get it straight: buying the grapes had been her idea.

I realized, of course, that I could not possibly get away with substituting fruit for “real” nosh every Shabbos–like I said, my kids are real nosh connoisseurs, and that just wouldn’t happen with them–but for that Shabbos, as they munched on those grapes, I allowed myself to sit back and shep nachas. Kids eating healthfully–and enjoying it, too…isn’t that every Yiddishe Mama’s dream?

And you know what? When you think about it, that really should not be a dream that’s out of our reach. “Hashem’s candy” is oftentimes even more delicious than the manmade, empty-calorie-laden variety…there’s really no reason why kids should turn down that piece of juicy watermelon or that nectarine oozing with sweet goodness. It really all depends on how we, as parents, present nature’s bounty–“Hashem’s candy”–to our children.

With Bracha Goetz’s new book, Hashem’s Candy Store, parents are given the perfect opportunity to teach their children about the wonders of “Hashem’s candy”–a.k.a. fruits and vegetables. Written in adorable rhyme and illustrated by the talented Dena Ackerman, this book will wow your kids into eating their fruits and veggies without any fuss at all!

Have your kids hear about the secrets hidden within each of “Hashem’s candy”–how the tomato, which has four chambers like a heart, is actually good for the heart, and how kidney beans are actually good for the kidneys. Amazing, isn’t it? Your kids will think so, too…and you can hope that maybe, just maybe, that broccoli you’re serving for dinner tonight will actually get eaten by them…

Hey, maybe I can get away with serving up honeydew for next week’s Shabbos party, after all?

Click here to purchase online.

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