NEW RELEASE! 23 Under 1 Roof – Vol. 3: Under Renovation

C390If you’re ever in the neighborhood, you’re invited over to view some priceless artwork. Inspired by the Great Masters and executed by a minor, our stairwell, walls and even the side of one large cabinet, proudly bear the signature (and other scribbles) of someone we love.

Interested in free home improvements? No one does them better than a kid. Unless you happen to have more than two minyanim of kids. In that case, the results are guaranteed to be even more, uhm, spectacular…

The 21 Schneider children and their parents are back home in Israel, after a whirlwind tour of England, and their cousin’s chasunah.

Home. We all know that there’s no place like it, but sometimes that’s exactly the problem. Their home is so small that it’s wall-to-wall beds — dooming homework, pet ants and dusty yarmulkes to a watery grave when the negel vasser spills. The solution is to renovate their apartment and add a new floor, but that’s easier said than done when one of your workers is a bonafide cookie and cola thief!  When the children decide to take over the job and save Abba money they seem to have everything figured out. After all, why spend good money so the workers can make a mess, when the kids are willing to make an even bigger mess for free!

Each book in this popular series is a separate adventure so your kids can join the Schneider gang now even if they weren’t with them in England.

Warning: This book is as funny as the first two. Do not give it to any literate child while anyone else in the house is sleeping. The laughter will wake them up. (My signed testimonial will be on file at the Israel Bookshop Publications office, minus the name of the son who woke everyone up.)

*Paint not included.

Guest Blogger: Sara Miriam Gross

Click here to purchase online.

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