NEW RELEASE! Between Teens

L718Are you one of those lucky Pesach-makers who actually has a teenage daughter helping you with the work? Okay, okay, so she’s not too keen on the cleaning part–she’d rather do the shopping for you, bake Pesach cakes, help with things like that…but hey, let’s not be picky. Any help is a big help, especially at this time of year, right?

So, this hardworking daughter of yours…she deserves some kind of recognition for what she’s doing, don’t you think? Nothing too pricey–you are making Pesach, after all–but some token of your appreciation for her efforts… (Spoken like a real teen, I know, but listen, I’ve been there, done that, too! Haven’t we all, as teenagers who helped our mothers before Pesach, craved some recognition for that help?)

Well, we’ve got just the thing for her! Between Teens, a book for real teens, about real teens…it’s the perfect gift for any teenage girl. With nearly 40 short stories and experiences of teens, each one inspiring and entertaining, this book has “Winner for Teens” written all over it!

So make your daughter’s day–and Yom Tov. Buy her this great book, and write her a nice note to go with it… Believe me, you’ll be the one reaping the rewards for this when you see how much more she suddenly starts doing for you afterward…

Click here to purchase online.

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