NEW RELEASE! Modeling Clay

L719It’s a complicated world out there. So often, we find ourselves having to make difficult decisions, where there’s a very fine line between what’s right and what’s wrong to do. And sometimes that line is actually pretty thick and clear-cut, but one’s yetzer hara gets in the way, hazing things up for the person, so that everything becomes a muddled mass of confusion anyway… Modeling Clay, our latest novel, touches on all this in a very poignant and powerful way.

Modeling Clay is about the tough choices facing a talented and creative teenager–and the repercussions that follow as a result of the path she opts for. Warning: there’s a whole lot of depth, emotion, and painfully honest soul-searching going on in this book, and the reader should expect the onset of tears while engrossed in this gripping novel. But there’s nothing more satisfying than a character finally coming to the right conclusions about his or her life, and so, dear reader, don’t worry about the book leaving you depressed or anything like that; to the contrary, this is a book that, when read in its entirety, has the capacity to make your heart sing! Yes, it’s that powerful a book!

Beautifully written by Rochel Braverman, an emerging name in the world of star writers, this is the book you’ll want to read whenever you get some downtime this Pesach. (Is “downtime” and “Pesach” an oxymoron? Well, even if it is, for a book like this, you better make sure to carve out some sort of slot of  reading time for yourself! Tell your family it’s for their good–so you’ll be more energized and ready to produce more Pesach-dik brownies for them!)

Click here to purchase online.

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