NEW RELEASE! The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel – Sefer Bamidbar

C403If your kids are anything like the thousands of Rabbi Juravel young fans out there, you’ve no doubt been harangued by them for the past couple of years–“When is The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel -Sefer Bamidbar coming out?”

Like all parents of devout Rabbi Juravel fans, you’re slowly amassed your collection of Rabbi Juravel CDs, and then books: A Story with Rabbi Juravel, Journeys with Rabbi Juravel, Sefer Bereishis, Sefer Shemos, Sefer VayikraAll you need now is for the final two Chumashim to be released, and then your Rabbi Juravel-loving kids will be set–well, at least in regard to parsha books.

So, for all those anxiously awaiting this book…drum roll, please… The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel – Sefer Bamidbar now makes its grand debut!

And once you pick up this book, you’ll see immediately that it was well worth the wait. The parshiyos in Sefer Bamidbar come to life with Rabbi Juravel‘s inimitable style of storytelling, and the additional stories, “Did You Know” tidbits, and other “extras” round out each parsha in a most succinct way. Plus, let’s not forget the adorable illustrations peppered throughout the book–your kids are absolutely going to love those!

If you’re looking to give over the parshas hashavuah to your children in a way that will interest, entertain, and excite them–Rabbi Juravel’s parsha books are the way to go. And with the release of The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel – Sefer Bamidbar, you’re one book closer to finishing the complete set!

Click here to purchase online.

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