l725You know how sometimes, when you finish reading a really good book, you’re just chalishing to read more about those characters you just got to know and befriend? But the book is over, so you have no choice but to say goodbye to those new “friends” of yours and get on with the rest of your life…

What would you say, though, if we told you there was another option? If you had the opportunity to meet your “friends” again, in another smashingly well-written book? Wouldn’t that simply be a dream come true for a book-lover like you?

Sometimes dreams do come true…

Doorways is a standalone novel, written by Sara Wiederblank; however, it is also the follow-up of this popular author’s previous book, Pass or Fail. That means that if you were left wondering whether or not that shidduch with Bracha Halpern and Mrs. White’s nephew Yonah worked out or not, and what happened with Avigayil Morrison, Etta Kirsch, and all the others after Pass or Fail ended, now is your chance to find out!!

And Doorways does a lot more than provide readers with a good catch-up on all the happenings in the lives of Pass or Fail‘s characters. It’s a stellar book in its own right, with thought-provoking lessons and the playing out of contemporary struggles that many of us are all-too-familiar with in our real lives.

Yes, dear readers, whether or not you know who Bracha Halpern is yet, Doorways is a novel you will treasure and find yourself reading again and again.

Click here to purchase online.

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