NEW RELEASE! Robot World

C404It’s morning, I’m running late, and the kids are not cooperating. First they don’t like the clothes I set out for them; then they start squabbling with each other over something as direly important as who gets cereal first. And that’s when the milk spills. All over the table, the floor, and the baby’s clean clothes. And I close my eyes and imagine how wonderful it would be if I had my very own robot to clean up this mess for me…

What do you say—how does a world in which robots take care of all your chores, sound to you? Well, if you’re anything like Tova Klein’s mother, you wouldn’t be too thrilled about it. In fact, while all of Tova’s friends’ families have robot maids to make their beds and sweep their floors and go grocery shopping for them, Mrs. Klein refuses on principle to have any robots in her home. She wants her family to operate the old-fashioned way, where the kids themselves pitch in and know how to do chores, much to Tova’s embarrassment and chagrin. But then Mrs. Klein has to be away for a while, and she has no choice but to rent a robot nanny to help take care of the family. And that’s when the adventure really begins…

This is a book that will tickle the imagination of every tween reader out there! Set in futuristic times, Robot World is a one-of-a kind book that will fascinate kids with its wackiness, humor, and some great lessons, too! Try it out on your tween…and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Click here to purchase online.

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