NEW RELEASE! Seudah Secrets – Elul to Adar

L742Did you know there is a minhag to eat bananas on Rosh Hashanah in countries where French is the native language, like France or Morocco? Can you guess why? Yup, your high school French class paid off for this one–“bon annae”  means “a good year” in French!

And did you know that drinking the water in which an aravah (willow) branch was cooked is a segulah for having children, as aravah has the same numerical value as the word zera (children)? Or that some have the custom to eat round turnip slices on Simchas Torah, to signify the completion and immediate restart of the Torah? Or that some have a minhag to avoid eating black or dark-colored foods on Rosh Hashanah–because dark symbolizes sin?

I’m not making any of this up! If you’re surprised by these minhagim , you’ll want to check out Seudah Secrets, the latest book in the popular Secret series by Rabbi Dovid Meisels. This 600-plus-page book focuses exclusively on the various minhagim and segulos associated with the foods that we eat, from the months of Elul through Adar. (Other books in this series cover the foods eaten during the rest of the year.)

Astonished by how much information there can be on just the topic of the different foods that we Jews eat? We thought you’d be. But all that Rabbi Meisels brings down in his books is anchored in the sefarim hakedoshim; he’s not making any of it up either!

So allow Rabbi Meisels to take you on a fascinating journey through the what’s and the why’s of hundreds of minhagim having to do with…food!

Guaranteed to be an eye-opening (and perhaps mouthwatering) experience!

Click here to purchase online.

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